More Coconut Cookies Please!

This isn’t the Malaysian version of coconut cookies, otherwise known as ‘Kueh Bangkit’. You can either call this a rip-off of the original or a creation of a new cookie recipe. All I did was replace the ground almond powder from the Chinese Almond Cookies‘ recipe with dessicated coconut. ‘And why not?’ I thought, since both have similar textures.

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Chinese Almond Cookies To Prepare For Chinese New Year (7000 Miles Away From Home)

I’ve actually wanted to make peanut cookies, because I personally savour the fragrance of peanuts more than that of almond. But! Surprise! Surprise! The lack of ground peanuts here, plus a reluctance on my part to grind the nuts myself with a pestle and mortar, has allowed us to enjoy 2 other types of lip-smacking cookies which we would otherwise not have thought of making. How I love life’s little surprises and the blessings in disguise.

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Artefact Studies – It’s A Love-Hate Relationship

Holidays are coming to an end. The busy days ahead seem rather daunting, what with the dissertation and 3 more long essays to go. But I’m glad I survived the first part of it, including 2 proposals, 4 seminars, 3 essays and 1 report, the last of which summarises my proudest achievement.

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Lemon Ice-Cream Courtesy Of The Ice-Cream Chef

It was really entertaining to see how determined he was to succeed in making the ice-cream. All thanks to Jimmy’s Food Factory, a show that’s all about food science and interesting discoveries, he started out on this craze to make chocolate ice-cream (which turned out like sherbet), and then chocolate ice-cream again (which tasted really nice!), and then on to mocha flavour (which became my ice-blended mocha drink) and this time, lemon curd ice-cream. The best part was seeing him get up every 10 minutes to head for the freezer and whisk his bowl of concoction.

That’s my husband, ladies and gentleman.

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Pork Vermicelli Omelette in Chicken Broth – With The Inherited Teochew Taste

Holidays is almost over, but Chinese New Year is almost here! There’s probably no other way for me to savour the festive atmosphere back home, except to cook up some of my favourites here from among the list of my mum’s best dishes.

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