Watching A Magical Process Come Alive While Making Snowskin Mooncake

I’ve never made any cakes which can be eaten without first going through the oven. It’s really magical to see how the dough first becomes evenly coloured with the continuous (and tedious) kneading, flattened to become the outer covering of the paste, and then ‘snowy’ after chilling. It’s also so much cheaper to make them ourselves – we’ve calculated a possible turnover of $100 even if we sell them cheaper than the market rate. I’m already planning ahead for a possibly lucrative retirement.

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World Mythology A Definite Classic Reference

Roy Willis, 2006

Done with one of the last academic books before I immerse myself back in the virtual world of Otherland.

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Peanut Swiss Roll, Or Jelly Roll As Others Would Call

Just as a wife takes after the surname of her spouse, a Swiss Roll takes its surname after its content. ‘Jelly Roll sounds a little too far-fetched in the Asian context though, like a candy or some spare tires lying idle in somebody’s car boot.

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Potato And Luncheon Cubes Bathed In Tomato Sauce

Tomato sauce goes well with most food, both as a dipping sauce and as a condiment. As the latter, it is easily absorbed to create flavour, which helps in creating a healthy and appetising outlook for the dish.

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Chinatown On A Saturday – A Walk Down Memory Lane

Da Zhong Guo

Reminiscence. Unequivocal sentiments and longing. This is the place in which I grew up and gradually grew to become fond of.

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