Walking Tour In Durham City Center During Induction Week 1

I’m dead tired. My feet are planning to go on a strike, if I walk any longer today.

The Keenan House, where I’m staying in, is about a 15 – 20 minutes walk from the city centre. And there in the city centre is where I’ll have to take a transport to the Archaeology department in the main university compound. That’s a lot of walking back and forth, and it’s not good in rainy wet Durham during the autumn season. But I hope that could help me to lose some weight at least, or get myself prepped for one of those Silk Road treks  by the end of the course.

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Die Erste Woche Weit Entfernt Von Meinem Vaterland, In Durham Zu Sein

Ich bin ziemlich überrascht, dass ich noch nicht geweint habe, seit ich hier in Durham angekommen bin. Wir wohnen jetzt noch in einem kleinen Hotel – the Kingslodge Hotel – und warten auf morgen, wann wir umziehen werden. Ja, morgen will alles richtig sein. 😉

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Fragrant Tom Yam Rice – Last Recipe Blog In 2010?

I must admit this – cooking IS a luxurious hobby to have, given that one must have many condiments and ingredients to start with in order to feed each of these recipes. I can’t do that here in Durham anymore. Baking soda? Chuck. Teriyaki sauce? Chuck. Garam Masala? Chuck. Can’t find it here either.

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‘Prawn’-Orh Jian Without Oysters

I couldn’t find cheap oysters anywhere in the supermarkets; neither do I want to be cheated  to buy daylight -obbing groceries in Tiong Bahru Market again. So I resorted to using prawns to replace the oysters that are commonly used in this traditional Hokkien dish, hence the self-named dish.

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Lo Mai Kai To Finish Up The Glutinous Rice

The remaining glutinous rice in the cupboard wasn’t that difficult to deal with after I discovered that it can be easily cooked with the microwave. (thanks to the mango sticky rice). I thought I’ll give it a try, microwaving it instead of the conventional way of steaming (I’ve never succeeded with the latter method). The result was perfect! The rice was soft and sticky, just as any glutinous dish should be!

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