Cheesy Cheese Bread

The little boy is always full of tricks up his sleeves. The older he gets, the more scheming he becomes. And so I guess the best thing to do is to get him involved in small little ways so that he keeps himself entertained and engaged in the best possible ways that could contribute constructively. Just like how he volunteered to pose for pictures for this post. His reward? The buns that he posed with.

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Medieval Haddock In Tasty Sauce

This is a slightly strange yet interesting dish that I’ve decided to try out. It was a fish recipe which made use of of brown ale to cook. I must say, the sauce is not for the faint-hearted, and because it recommends using brown ale, could taste slightly bitter. I would recommend using beer or cider for a slightly sweeter, more pleasant taste for the palette.

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Easy Devilled Tofu

The boy is seated next to me now and writing furiously in his small little notebook that his classmate gave to him today – ONE, TWO, THREE . . . . .ELEVEN TWELVE THREETEEN FOURTEEN FIVETEEN – and then making me write out the numbers in a row telling me that I need to learn from him. I screamed at him: ‘Threeteen? Who taught you anything about threeteen?”  Looks like I need to do something about his literacy soon.

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Medieval Classic Baked Custard

This is possibly the English version of the Japanese Chawanmuchi, though a lot creamier due to the milk content that makes it into a custard. The taste of the custard is otherwise quite plain, which is why it’ll be nicer to serve it with some caviar to excite the palette.

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Classic Potato Chowder

It’s a very hot and sunny weekend. In fact, it has been this kind of weather throughout most of the week. Kind of missing the weather in London now, missing the feeling when you step out of the room and feel the cold air kiss the cheek of your face. Oh well…

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