Rice Dumpling a.k.a. Dragon Boat Festival

Rice Dumpling Ingredients

It was a tag-team effort: I cooked the rice and prepared the ingredients; he wrapped up the dumplings and secured them with strings. Nevertheless, the collaborative effort took an entire day before we could wrap it up.

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Roast Pork Belly With Mixed Results (And Emotions)

Roast Pork Belly

What was to be a Sunday full of surprises turned out to be a complete disappointment. Well, in the first place, one can never expect to find a huge chunk of pork belly laying in the fridge of the pathetically small NTUC at Tiong Bahru Plaza. So where else to look for it but at the conventionally (in)famous Tiong Bahru Market? So I made my way down to the market, and pretty soon, a friendly hawker beckoned to me and peddled a 1.5kg piece of pork belly at the ‘best’ price of $12.50 per kg. I happily snatched up the purchase, impressed by how easily the transaction went.

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Check. Otherland Volume 3. One More Volume To Go…

Otherland - Tad Williams

It’s such a luxury to be reading a fiction paperback again.

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A Rushed Lunch With Mapo Tofu Noodles

It looks so much like my 3-minute meal… cheez… But at least I got to experiment with my newly purchased toy – a pair of kiap kiap – to arrange the noodles nicely on this plate. Call me the Jamie Oliver wannabe.

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Garden Party In A HDB Dwelling With Garden Sandwiches

Garden Sandwiches

An old friend of mine, Sze Min, popped by for dinner and a chat last night. Knowing her to be capable of a good appetite (she’s enviably slim), I jovially made a few easy-to-prepare petite dishes to give the illusion of a garden-themed feast.

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