Medieval Mushroom Pasty

It’s coming to the end of the year soon. Which also means that it is going to be Christmas soon. (Yippee!)

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Ikan Tempra With Delicious Lime Sauce (Nyonya Sweet & Sour Fish)

I wish I can cook such dishes at home more frequently. It is not too difficult at all, and most importantly, it goes so well with plain rice. But fish isn’t cheap in Singapore, and cooking this on a weekday evening for dinner does take up quite some time which may not be feasible to do every week unless I get to knock off at 5pm every day.

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Reuben Dip For Parties To Come

The Reuben dip originated from the Reuben sandwich, which is a deli sandwich with all the meat and cheese loaded between the sandwiches. For this recipe, you simply place what is originally placed between the sandwich inside a baking tray instead, and then serve it with various ingredients for dipping such as breadsticks and toasts. Hence the term ‘Reuben dip’.

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Kimchi Instant Noodles

Yet another silly attempt of a very old recipe in my cupboard. This is a very simple take of Korean fusion instant noodles, with a mix-in of fresh kimchi and freshly roasted pork slices to make our servings of instant noodles less boring and more flavourful.

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Savoury Grated Cassava Loaf

I had been trying to make this dish for the longest time, but haven’t done so for the longest time because I couldn’t decide what a cassava was and I didn’t really bother looking it up on the net as well. This root has remained a mystery since secondary school. Now, I am finally thinking about it again. And taking some time to find out more about it.

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