Stuffed Tofu In Black Bean Sauce

It is still raining almost everyday. This week, I only got to cycle once (or twice?), but I managed to jog back home once as well. I used to try to jog home from work before I had a child too, once in a while, but that stopped after I had the boy because of the logistical arrangements to pick him up after school. Now that he’s much older, and in a student care nearer the house, I gave it a try again. It was tiring! But I was happy to have accomplished something that I haven’t done for the longest time in the new year. 🙂

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家常便饭 – 蘑菇猪肉盘 (Pork & Mushroom Stir-Fry)

This is my first recipe for the year 2024! A simple home-cooked dish with two main ingredients. I am publishing this rather eagerly because I am hoping to be able to cook it again soon.

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Korean Kimchi & Beansprout Rice Bowl

This is the last recipe of the year 2023. I’ve chosen a Korean recipe to end this year, but for no specific reasons really. Not ending on a bad note, but neither is it a particularly good one. The wars in Gaza and Ukraine are still going on, the Rohingyas are still being displaced and life still goes on.

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Brain-Freeze Lime Sorbet

Just returned from a trip to Hong Kong. It was tiring this time, but nevertheless a good, long enough break from work, a much desired one that I have been looking forward to. Sorry for the two weeks long hiatus that I took from blogging about food and recipes too!

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Eggs Benedict But Not For Breakfast

It’s the first weekend of Christmas. My favourite festive season of the year is finally here!

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