Bee Tai Mak Soup (Chinese Silver Needle Noodles)

I used to dislike eating silver needle noodles a lot when I was young. Whenever I fell sick, my mum would buy a packet of these for me to eat because that’s what sick people should eat when they have no appetite, or so she says. My mum definitely had good intentions, but these soup noodles tasted almost always very bland and plain and would make me feel worse and even more deprived. I therefore grew up associating this dish with sickness, fever, vomit, lack of appetite and all the emotions that one would feel when one falls sick. That’s how much I used to dislike this dish.

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Old English Buknade Pottage (Chicken Stew)

First dish of 2019 – an old English classic with a simple yet stunning flavour. Old English buknade pottage, made of leftover meat that’s cooked into a stew (‘pottage’ means ‘stew’).

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麻糍 (Muah Chee)

A new year is coming again. In three days’ time.

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Der Frankfurter Petzkuchen (Frankfurt Style Pinch Cake)

Trying out a Hessian cake for the first time. Or maybe it’s not the first time for this recipe because I actually tried this recipe a couple of months back but failed, because I used instant yeast instead of active ones. This time round, I used the active ones and the cake came out perfect. Just perfect.

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Saint Clement’s Cocktail For Christmas

This drink certainly has an interesting origin.

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