Chicken & Pork Terrine

Juicy. Savoury. Filling. Delicious.

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Medieval Style Pan-Fried Steaks

I don’t usually eat beef or steaks because they taste too gamey for me. The rare occasions when I do is when we eat shabu shabu or when we go to the grills to cook the expensive slices of steak. Hahaha yes, I only eat the expensive cuts of beef, but really, that’s because these cuts are not as gamey in taste – the kind that melts in your mouth, literally. I am otherwise a heartlander at heart.

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Black Satin Chicken (油鸡)

The restrictions are gradually getting lifted, and social gatherings are coming back. The streets and public transportations are filled with people – crowded – but there are still not many out there who are willing to remove their masks outdoors. Strange… and I’m definitely not one of them!

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Skordalia – A Greek Potato Dip

Skordalia is a Greek recipe which is basically a puree of potatoes, with a mix of olive oil and vinegar mixed in, served as a dip or condiment depending on individual preferences. It can come with a range of vegetarian dips such as breadsticks, crackers, cherry tomatoes, baby carrots, or as a spread on toasts and bread. Very versatile and very easy to prepare.

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Nasi Ulam (Malay Rice Salad)

It’s the month of fasting, and the Geylang Serai bazaar is finally back, after a two years hiatus. The other pasar malams are also back in action and so it seems, life is finally going back to normal.

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