Indian Fusion Uppuma Semolina With Vegetables

Upma, or uppuma semolina, is a dish originating from the Indian subcontinent. It is a common meal that the Indians have for breakfast, lunch or dinner, one cooked with semolina, a mix of spices and vegetables. As semolina is made of wheat, it cooks and fluffs up in volume once cooked in water, just like rice does, which makes it a complete substitute for rice in the Indian regions.

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Potong Style Red Bean Popsicles

I’ve tried quite a few red bean ice-cream recipes, including the Japanese style ‘Creamy Red Bean Popsicles‘ using Azuki red bean paste and heavy cream, and the ‘Red Bean Soup Popsicle‘ which really was a convenient way of using up my red bean soup.  Now, I have the authentic Potong style red bean popsicle right here which uses condensed milk (use sparingly!) and blended red beans to mimic the taste of childhood. Read more

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Osthmanthus Butter Cookies To Celebrate The Year Of Ox

This weekend will be a busy weekend for me, not really because of all the visiting we will have to fulfil (there are in fact less visiting chores this year), but because I am packing in a long list of things I would like to do during the long weekend off from work. Baking brioches, baking cookies, hiking etc. I certainly wish I had more time!

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Hot Pot Sesame Peanut Dip for my Chinese New Year Feast

A week more to Chinese New Year in Singapore. Everyone is looking forward to a better year ahead – so am I.

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Eurasian Style Permenta Prawns With Blackpepper & Garlic

This dish was delicious. Absolutely wonderful. The amalgamated flavours and taste of the blackpepper and garlic brought this dish up by many levels. Once you take a bite of the prawns, you would be able to understand why this dish was so worth the while. And it is simple to make, no fuss at all!

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