Birthday Mee Sua for longevity(生日面线)

Vermicelli, also long as longevity noodles, is used as the main ingredient in this dish of longevity mee suah, prepared for the birthday boys and girls to wish them a long and healthy life. Many Chinese families still cook this dish on birthday occasions in place of a cake, which, in my opinion, is much more practical than a birthday cake as it feeds a person and an entire family well as a meal and isn’t unnecessarily expensive. The tradition stems from the Hokkien dialectal group but is a practice that is commonly seen in many other dialectal groups as well.

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Otak Otak ( 乌打)

Otak otak is a dish of fish cake that is grilled or steamed in banana leaves, originating from Indonesia. It is a widely popular dish in Southeast Asia, especially during barbeque parties or events where a grilling pit is available to cook it as it is easy to cook through, readily available from wholesale centers and supermarkets, and an easily digestible, bite-sized snack to have while chatting with friends and family members.

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Thai Barbeque Chicken

Happy new year to all Hungry Peepor readers out there!

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The Much Acclaimed Chapaguri From ‘Parasite’

It is the first day of January 2021. We are done with the partying and it’s going to be back to reality for us soon.

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All Sorts of Home-Made Sushi

This Christmas season has been a very unique one. Just this week, the boy had a slight cough and went to see a doctor for the cough syrup and had a Stay Home Notice slapped on him as well. So there goes our Christmas weekend. Instead of a few nice walks that I had planned in mind for all of us, we have to now stay at home and survive on board games, toys, ball kicking at the corridor and a few doses of Netflix for the next three days (five days SHN in all).

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