Five-Spice Chicken Drumlets

Looks can be deceiving, just like how badly burnt these drumlets may look even though they are actually really tasty and finger licking. Squeeze some lime juice over them to serve with as it makes them even more appetising and tastier!

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Shredded Sesame Chicken Noodles

So simple yet so delicious!!! The simple gravy makes slurping up the noodles so irresistible. Try it, it only takes 15min or less!

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Classic French Bouillabaisse

A French bouillabaisse is a type of fish soup that originated from the French port city of Marseille. Authentic recipes will use a bony type of rockfish to cook this soup, out of three different types in this soup. Other common types of fish will include bream, monkfish, mullet and hake. The soup also includes shellfish and other seafood, depending on local availability. What the word ‘bouillabaisse’ suggests, is that the broth is cooked first, and then the other ingredients one by one (and not all together) which results in a thickly flavoured broth rich in the taste of the ocean and its stock.

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No-Churn Matcha Ice-Cream

This matcha ice-cream, better eaten as scoops than as popsicles, is sweet. Really sweet. Do go easy on the condensed milk if you’re fearful of sugar. I very much prefer the version with milk and egg that the guy did before in pre-Covid times – it’s lighter, purer in matcha taste and easier on the stomach.

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Slow Boiled Herbal Chicken

My mum loves cooking herbal chicken soup for us and has been doing that since eons ago. Just like any TCM doctor or believer, or the older generation in general, she believes that drinking this soup will not only help to boost energy and immunity, but also strengthen and nourish the body. We can then focus better in our studies and get the good results we desire.

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