Another Version Of Lemony Butter Cookies

I’ve attempted quite a few recipes of lemon cookies before – Lemon Butter Cookies You Won’t Have Enough Of (hahaha) which uses a mixture of butter, egg icing sugar, as well as Lemony Almond Shortbread And A Shot of Sour Redolence (hahahahaha) which is very similar to the first recipe, but with stronger lemon and butter flavours. This particular attempt seeks to try out a third version, which uses a stronger lemon flavour, also because I am using less butter and no egg here. The result is a very crunchy cookie that has a very refreshing and much more obvious lemon flavour – one that is an obvious winner for those who love lemon flavours and cookies that are less buttery/contains no egg.

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Indonesian Maggie Goreng

I have previously attempted and posted a recipe on Local Style Indonesian Mee Goreng, a recipe based on my own observations of how it is commonly cooked at local hawker places. Recently, a colleague of mine brought me to the Makanan Bollywood Restaurant situated at the Peninsula Plaza to try out their version of maggie goreng and I fell in love with it almost immediately. The dish presented before me was very colourful – a one-meal dish that contains meat, egg, vegetables, noodles as well as loads of flavour.

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Savoury Corn & Cheese Muffin

Time passes by so quickly… it seemed like only yesterday that my husband, son and I were at the Village Hotel Changi for a staycation, finally having a break away from work, commitments and responsibilities.

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Simply Chewy Hakka Abacus Seed (客家算盘子)

I love this dish – a lot. Its chewy texture and its stir-fried combination with minced pork and mushrooms – it is so fragrant and yummy it is simply unresistable. Every time I visit a local pasar malam and walk past a stall that sells this dish, I always feel very tempted to buy a pack of abacus seed for myself. Add some chilli to it and the pairing for this dish becomes flawless.

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Brain-Freeze Watermelon Lemonade Smoothie

A simple recipe to use up the leftover watermelon in the fridge and to calm the body and mind in the overbearingly hot weather. It is so unbelieveably easy – I love it!

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