Golden Parmesan Chicken Nuggets

TGIF for a horrible week that had passed. Now, it’s time to carry out my cooking / baking therapy.

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Pan-Fried Mackerel (家常便饭 – 香煎鲭鱼)

Simple recipes can last a lifetime. Sometimes, when I eat plain rice, I like to eat it plain and simple, without much of a fuss. Having simply-prepared dishes like these pan-fried mackerels could elevate the taste of rice without fail.

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Hong Kong Style Cheesy Baked Pork Chop Rice

This is a very classic Hong Kong dish – baked pork chop rice. The pork chops are coated with flour and seasoning first, then pan-fried till browned and slightly crispy. This is then baked with the rice, together with a tomato gravy and topped with cheese. Once out of the oven, it’s piping hot and cheesy and smells so nice you will want to immediately take a spoon to dig in to it. The rice comes out with a piece of chop and melted cheese – pop that in your mouth and viola! That’s the taste we are all looking for 😀

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Pretty Little Iced Clementines Made By The Hub

It’s almost September! Time for a dessert break!

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Chinese Fried Dough Sticks (油条)

Chinese fried dough sticks bring back memories of my childhood. My mum would always go to the market on Sunday mornings and bring back delicious breakfast for us. One of the things she liked to buy back then was fried dough sticks and soy bean milk. The interesting thing is that our family, coming from a Teochew background, has never developed that habit of dipping the dough sticks into the soy bean milk when we eat them, nor do we dip them into our coffee for that matter. We love to eat them just as they are, crispy and hot.

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