Mussels Rockefeller

I used to hate mussels and anything to do with bivalves. But that fateful night at Sabio by the Sea changed everything all at once. I now love clams (Western style, in white wine and with garlic please) to the moon and back, and once in a while crave for mussels as well. Not tze char style though, but those with a clear broth or baked in cheese because these ingredients help to bring out the taste and smell of the sea from the seafood.

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Soft & Fluffy Coffee Buns (Rotiboys)

Coffee buns, also known as rotiboys, originated from Malaysia but is found very widely in Singapore. Go into any bakery and you will be able to smell the coffee fragrance of the rotiboys. Love it!

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Italian Lobster & Corn Risotto

My birthday week came and went. I kind of enjoyed myself most of the week, except for an episode which I had with the boy. Otherwise, it was good and mostly relaxing. I was blessed with a not-so-kind-but-good-enough and extremely hot weather which allowed me enough time to cycle from East Coast to Changi Village through the Changi Bay Point, passing through the Jurassic Miles on the way. I also had a once in a lifetime Omakase at the Torio Restaurant hidden in the Links Hotel. Even though my visit to the Somerset Design Library was cut short by some unforeseen emergencies (which turned out not to be an emergency), I could have another afternoon browsing through some books at Kino on Wednesday afternoon. It was a good break from work. How I wish…

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Scallion Pancakes (葱油饼)

This week is another long weekend because it is Labour Day on Monday! Hurray to long weekends!

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Soft & Fluffy Homemade Sweet Corn Bread

Today is a great day. It’s Hari Raya Puasa (a public holiday with an off-in-lieu on Monday) and I finally got to swim (away my fats) this morning.

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