Korean Kimchi & Beansprout Rice Bowl

This is the last recipe of the year 2023. I’ve chosen a Korean recipe to end this year, but for no specific reasons really. Not ending on a bad note, but neither is it a particularly good one. The wars in Gaza and Ukraine are still going on, the Rohingyas are still being displaced and life still goes on.

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Brain-Freeze Lime Sorbet

Just returned from a trip to Hong Kong. It was tiring this time, but nevertheless a good, long enough break from work, a much desired one that I have been looking forward to. Sorry for the two weeks long hiatus that I took from blogging about food and recipes too!

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Eggs Benedict But Not For Breakfast

It’s the first weekend of Christmas. My favourite festive season of the year is finally here!

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Tofu & Seaweed Prawn Balls In A Brown Gravy

Christmas is coming soon, so I’m rounding up my recipes to prepare for the festive season. Thinking of what to blog about from next weekend onwards, as well as the presents I need to start buying for everyone. I’ll need to spend less this year though, with an expected bulk expense coming up next year, but I think I should be able to manage. Am hoping that the bottles of Vanilla Kipferl that I will be baking will help to give most, if not everyone, a pleasant surprise this year!

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Tangy Balsamic Chicken Instant Noodles

I finally have time to take a breather this weekend. It has been a crazy two weeks as well as a crazy few months leading up to a project deadline. I miss my cooking and everything.

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