Home-Baked Hawaiian Pizza

It was the first time I’m baking pizza and it was not as difficult as I’ve thought it would be. Once you are done with the dough, you could think about what toppings you would like to have with it. I don’t personally like to eat pizza, but thought that the Hawaiian flavour would be the safe option to go with my first attempt since it is one of the favourites of my boy as well.

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Jansson’s Temptation

This dish has a very interesting name – Jansson’s temptation. It was apparently named after somebody famous but I’m really not sure who these people are (possibly Swedish in origin) so I’m not going to say too much about this. In essence, it is a potato dish baked simply in a cream sauce, similar to a potato gratin but done in a julienned (not sliced potatoes) manner.

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Linguine with Smoked Salmon & Cucumber

This is an interesting take on pasta linguine with a fresh squeeze of orange juice and rind and a garnish of fresh dill and cucumbers. The pasta tastes so refreshing and light, perfect for a Saturday lunch without too much of a hassle.

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Shoyu Tamago (Japanese Soy Sauce Egg)

Shoyu tamago is a type of egg marinated overnight with soy sauce in Japanese style. The recipe requires enough skills to cook the eggs right such that the yolks are still slightly runny and cooked only three-quarters through. Once done, they will then be marinated with the soy sauce mixture. The first step is the more challenging one but if you pay enough attention while cooking them, the eggs will turn out just right and the rest would be chicken feet.

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Chocolate & Blackberry Tart In A Secret Garden (II)

My first chocolate tart recipe ‘Chocolate Tart In A Secret Garden (I)’ was posted more than three years ago. I swore back then that I will try to make another chocolate tart recipe, one that has a much much better chocolate filling. I wasn’t very satisfied with that recipe back then because the chocolate custard was baked, so it wasn’t the chilled type that I prefer. I was craving for a filling that could melt in my mouth, one which would feel neither too greasy nor too dense – a nice sinful dessert to enjoy after a meal.

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