Lamb Chop With Delicious Walnut Mint Garden Pesto

I don’t eat lambs. I don’t like the especially gamey taste that they have. It’s so much stronger than beef that I can’t stomach it at all.

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Ramen With Smoked Duck Breasts & Orange Soy Sauce

I kind of like this dish. First reason being it is very simple and fuss-free; just dump everything into the slowcooker, switch it on and wait. I can do my things or go to work without worrying about dinner anymore. Second reason being it’s a very delicate, light and fresh-tasting recipe; the balance of smoked duck flavours combined with fresh orange and vegetables makes this dish very easy to digest and easily palatable. Lastly, noodles – the ingredients are nice to slurp up with the noodles, although this sauce could easily go down well with rice as well!

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Baked Teriyaki Salmon

I’m so glad we made it over the last two weeks of nightmare. We took turns to catch Covid two weeks before, starting from myself, and then the boy, and then the guy. In total, it took us about a week and a half to all get well plus a lot of anxiety and heavy hearts. The running around (to bring the boy to the A&E all by myself), having to push myself to work even while feeling hot from the fever and tired from the bodily ache and bad cough, the countless nights of monitoring the boy’s fever, and finally seeing the two lines disappear into one on the ART kit. Crazy is what I’ll say, and I would like to never have to experience this whole set of Covid drama again.

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Sayur Lodeh (Vegetables in Coconut Milk)

Sayur lodeh is a very popular Malay dish in Singapore and Malaysia. ‘Sayur’ means ‘vegetables’, while ‘lodeh’ means refers to an ingredients that is cooked until soft. This dish originated from Indonesia, and is commonly served alongside rice or rice cake (lontong) as a side dish. The gravy, which is cooked with coconut milk, is one of the key ingredients that makes this dish so fragrant and tasty.

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Stack It Up With Tauhu Goreng

I love tauhu goreng, especially those served at the Muslim stalls which are rounded, tall and crispy all over. I don’t know how they do it but it’s always so delicious and looks so unresistable.

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