Hot & Sour Soup (酸辣汤)

Time to celebrate the closing of a festive new year season. May the year of the Tiger be a calm and peaceful one, and may we continue to look forward to a better year ahead.

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Millionnaire’s Fried Rice With Crabmeat & Omelette

I love the smell of this dish. Crabmeat – adding this ingredient into the rice immediately transforms a simple plate of fried rice into a most wonderful, delicious, fragrant, artisanal plate that smells like a million dollars. It makes the rice smell like Chinese New Year whichever day of the year it is, and it makes one feel like gobbling the whole plate of rice down immediately.

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Braised Beancurd Rolls

Really just wanted to get rid of my beancurd skins, and ended up with an amazing recipe. The beancurd rolls were easy to make and delicious. Will definitely make them again very soon!

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Instant Noodle Crabmeat Mee Pok

I love my instant noodles till death. Who doesn’t? Look around us, the Koreans eat their ramyeon on almost every television shows and in every recipes (think army stew); the Hong Kongers eat their soupy noodles with instant noodles; in Singapore, every hot pot restaurant serves the hot pot with a choice of instant noodles.

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家常便饭 – 猪肉焖马铃薯 (Potato & Meat Stew)

The second week of school and work is finally over. It was kind of crazy, and I almost fell sick running (or rather, cycling) all around the central parts of Singapore. But all in all, I’m so glad that things went well, and the boy enjoyed his school and student care a lot, and he seems to be learning well and making friends in class as well. Hopefully, Covid constraints do not penalise these children too much and take away too much of what they deserve to have and experience as part of school life; hopefully we do not take any more steps back to how it used to be one or two years ago.

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