Oriental Beef Instant Noodles

To all my dear readers, my Hungry Peepor database recently underwent an update and suffered a huge loss of data. Should you see any blog posts that are truncated and incomplete, it’s all thanks to this suddenly imposed updating by the system administrator of sorts (whoever that is). Sad, because it’s almost my lifetime of recipes saved inside here, but I’ve got to move on with what I still have.

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Sugar Cane Chicken Skewers

It’s a sunny Sunday today. The weather finally turned sunnier and drier starting from this week. We could go out again and guess who’s the happiest? The boy, of course. Though I must confess, I’m happy to be able to bring him out too, without worrying too much of things happening at work and my phone buzzing non-stop. I would give anything to be able to bring my boy out and to see him happy too. Makes me a happy mum too.

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Eurasian Style Green Chilli Sambal

This is a Eurasian style of Yong Tau Foo, with large green chillies stuffed with fish paste as well as a paste of belacan to go with. One will need to eat this with lots of rice so that the belacan can go with it very nicely.

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Steamed Egg Tofu With Prawns & Salted Egg Yolk

It’s the fifteenth day of Chinese New Year! What better option than to serve up a dish that looks golden and bright and round (a.k.a. 金玉满堂)? A round ingot that brings prosperity to the year ahead, hopefully the remaining months continue to shine bright and remain cheerful. May this year (which is supposed to be a not-so-good year for the roosters) be a happy and healthy one for me and those around me.

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Cantonese Steamed Garoupa (蒸石斑鱼)

Time for some authentic Chinese dishes at home. This one is a favourite of mine, steamed fish. It’s simple, fresh, and delicious. Loads of greens and chilli padis (yay!). Pour the gravy in my rice and I’ll be in heaven.

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