Eight Treasures Congee (八宝粥)

This is a Chinese recipe that uses eight really healthy ingredients for brewing into a really healthy congee dish. It is supposedly a dish served during the cold months of winter as it keeps the body and mind warm. However, I must admit one has to be somebody who loves his grains and nuts to be able to like this dish as the rice and beans can make this dish slightly on the denser and starchier side, with loads of nuts to chew on as well.

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Nicely Chilled Osmanthus Poached Pear Dessert

Next week will be the first week during which the Circuit Breaker will be lifted (i.e. Phase 1 of CB being lifted). To be honest, nothing much is going to happen yet, except that the kids will be allowed back in school to learn from their teachers and to ‘play with’ and interact with their friends. I am really not too sure if this is the best decision made by the government so far, but I am looking forward to a much needed break from the dual role of HBL and WFH after two months of it. Two full months of it. Eight weeks. 56 days. 672 hours in all. Let’s hope the kid takes it well; more importantly is the fact that the situation remains contained with no sudden rise in cases of COVID again.

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Mee Rebus With Homemade Rempah

We are into the final week of the Circuit Breaker now. But there’s still no excitement, no fanfare, nothing much yet to look forward to. Everything is still a question mark at this point in time.

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Italian Prawn & Mushroom Risotto

One more week down. Almost two more to go now. Still feeling unproductive at work, lowly efficient and trying my best to keep it going. It’s good to at least know that we are more than halfway there. And that maybe, just maybe, the worst is over for now.

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Pistachio & Vanilla Panna Cotta Tart

Week six down. Three more to go. Happy Mother’s Day to all – especially to those who have been bravely taking on the multiple roles at home during this difficult time. Happy mother’s day to myself too.

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