Golden Pumpkin Huat Kueh (发糕) For The Year Of The Dog!

I got really excited when I saw this recipe being shared on FaceBook. No self-raising flour, no rice flour. Really? Can this finally be my life-saving recipe to create Huat Kuehs that can really ‘huat‘ (rise and bloom)?

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Dutch Oven Rice & Mushroom

I haven’t touched my dutch oven for a long time now. It’s been sitting quietly inside my kitchen cupboard, waiting patiently for my return. At long last…!

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Tom Yum Noodles With Tuna Flakes

This week has been hectic, rushed, sleep-deprived and busy in all senses of these words. The guy was on an overseas work trip, leaving behind his wife – me – to take care of the cheeky boy. It wasn’t too bad actually, but given that I’ve also had to bring plenty of work back home to do, sleep didn’t come till 1am or 2am in the wee hours of the night for me every single day. I am now just feeling so worn out and dead beat that I could easily fall asleep anywhere!

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Swirling Nutella Muffins

Just a simple recipe of muffins using leftover nutella that has been kept in the cupboard for the longest time already. Since this recipe uses quite a bit of nutella at the last stage before baking, do keep to less than half a cup of sugar in the first stage so that it doesn’t turn out too sweet even for those with sweet tooth. In fact, you can consider omitting sugar from the recipe altogether and using just a little bit more nutella at the last stage where it is stirred into the batter.

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Fusion Soy-Baked Salmon Fillets

Just a simple oven-baked salmon fillet, with all my favourite ingredients added in for a spicy kick of a new year as well as a nice accompaniment to my all-time favourite plain rice. I baked two versions – one with red chillies as topping and the other without (which is naturally for the little one).

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