Italian Almond Cookies

It’s the festive season of Christmas! Please let this month stay for longer because I don’t want it to end so soon.

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Sunny & Bright Fish Custard Soup

I am not very sure what to make of this recipe. I found it in one of my newspaper cuttings which I must have snipped off many years ago because I can’t remember when I last saw this. It caught my attention then because the plating looked fanciful, interesting but simple enough. So it ended up in my recipe journal.

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Fragrant Pork Curry

It is nearing the end of the year! November is always the month to rejoice because it means (i) that December is coming soon (ii) Christmas is coming soon (iii) so we need to start preparing for the festive season in November. The Christmas bells are ringing, the Christmas songs are playing and everywhere are my favourite snacks on the supermarket shelves.

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Open Up A Bag Of Baked Seafood Pasta

The rainy season has started. It’s raining almost every night, every morning and every evening. The return to the office on a more regular basis sees a lot of jackets and shawls piling up on my chair. It’s time to think of food that is served hot (piping hot) for myself and everyone at home.

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Pan-Fried Trout With Mash Potatoes

I love this dish so much! The presentation looks lovely, and the dish was so delectable! It was also light on the stomach and filling enough for both the big and small eaters.

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