Stuffed Tofu With Gravy

We just celebrated my father’s birthday on Thursday. He’s 71 years old this year, and I am hoping he will have many more good years ahead. Due to the CB, we could only do a virtual style celebration with him. However, thanks to the still available food delivery services during this period of time, I was able to order some food for them as well, though sadly, it was a challenge to get crabs and a cake, the former of which was his all-time favourite. We’ll do a better celebration next year, to make up for all that we missed out this year.

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Biang Biang Noodles

Week 3 of WFH + HBL done. I am not sure if I can do this for another 5 weeks. This is really tiring. The government has just announced that the Circuit Breaker will be extended for another four weeks, which, really isn’t unexpected, but I guess a lot of us are still in denial.

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Ondeh Ondeh

Second week of WFH + HBL. So far so good… managed to stay sane so far. I told myself that I have to count my blessings because it is a pandemic we are talking about after all, and not everyone is as lucky to be able to stay at home, to have a roof over our heads, to have food on our table, and in fact, to still have a job. Everyone’s situation is different, so I guess we will have to count our blessings in each of our own ways.

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Grießklößchensuppe (German Semolina Dumpling)

Week 1 of partial lockdown in Singapore. WFH and HBL – these are some of the things that you see being mentioned very frequently everywhere, on social media, on the papers, in groupchats etc. We decided to bring the boy’s desk into our study room as well, so that we could all be together to carry out our WFH and HBL and it makes eyeballing him a lot easier too. However, we are now expected to work AND teach the boy what he is supposed to be learning in school. And our work load has not been reduced, mind you. It stays as busy with a constant stream of work coming in. What’s worse is that some from among the colleagues are treating work as if nothing else is happening in the world and life goes on as it is. Many of us are all trying our best to manage whatever comes, taking it one step at a time. However, at the end of this whole viral episode, many of us are just going to burn out and break down and call it a day.

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Lemon Curd Chiffon Cake – The Frozen Forest Of Shadows

I wanted to do a Frozen-themed cake for the boy’s birthday this year. He is so into this animation that, for a period of time, he kept singing the songs non-stop. I guess he’s just like any other kids who got frozen in time by this very successful Disney production.

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