Crispy Japanese Chicken Kaarage


Chicken karaage is the Japanese method of deep-frying chicken. This method sees the chicken chunks marinated in the basic Japanese condiments (mirin, Japanese sake etc) before being dredged in potato starch for the deep-frying.

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Crispy Italian Breadsticks


The first time I tried breadsticks, it was in Rome, Italy. That was more than ten years ago now (thirteen? fourteen?) when I went to Europe for my first time with the guy. We were there the day on Christmas eve and it was crowded everywhere. I recall being quite tired and happily sat down on one of the impressive columns right outside St. Peter’s Basilica and settling my lunch there. Yes, with a huge box of Italian breadsticks. It was crunchy and fragrant, but probably not to best thing to savour on a cold winter day.

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Sichuan Cold Peanut Sesame Ramen

A simple bowl of noodles cannot be perfect without the right gravy to go with it. I love how flexible it is to cook noodles and turn them into different dishes and recipes by varying the sauces that accompany them. You can have bak chor mee or dry ramen simply by omitting a condiment or two from one or the other recipe. The best thing is that you can have your meal within fifteen minutes from cooking the noodles in the microwave oven.

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Matcha Ice-Cream With Azuki Red Bean Paste Made With Love

This is a long delayed post. I have been wanting to put up this post on my blog since May this year because this ice-cream was made for me by my husband to celebrate my birthday. This was his birthday present for me. 🙂

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Chinese Winter Melon Soup With Scallops & Minced Chicken

This is a very simple recipe for a chicken soup dish. It is especially good to make and have on a weekday evening – just leave everything in the slowcooker in the morning and switch it off in the evening. I especially love putting dried scallops in soup dishes because the dried ingredient helps to give the soup a little more depth to the taste. Try it, I’m sure you’ll like it too! 🙂

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