Dry Beef Noodles With Thick Gravy

Beef noodles is a popular delicacy from Taiwan and China, with lots of variety depending on the provenance and weather. The types that became popular with the Chinese in Singapore are the braised version and the one in clear broth, especially those that are found at the common food and hawker centers. I must say, however, it is getting rarer to find beef noodles in Singapore nowadays at these common food areas, compared to fifteen, twenty years ago. So, if one wants really good quality beef noodles or the authentic versions with beef brisket or beef shank noodles, it would be wiser to visit the proper Chinese restaurants and eateries such as  the Crystal Jade restaurant.

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A Deeply-Flavoured Golden Syrup Cake

May’s over. We are well into the middle of June – the middle of year twenty-eighteen.

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Simple Chinese Teochew Porridge

Being a lady who grew up in an authentic Teochew family (i.e. both my parental roots are Teochew), I am definitely not unfamiliar with the various Teochew traditions tand practices.

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家常便饭 - 咸菜豆腐汤 (Salted Vegetable and Egg Tofu Soup)

We just came back from a tour of Japan – the land of the rising sun. I’m still stuck with a feeling of nostalgia and slapped with a rather bad dose of withdrawal symptoms. It was a very tiring trip, yet fulfilling and a good break from all the stressful planning required at work. Well, it’s a family trip after all, and it’s one that went according to our own time and targets. We took it easy most of the time, though admittedly, there were still some mad rushes to ensure we were always on time for the trains and the planes.

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Refreshing & Fruity Mango Tart

I fell in love with tarts when I first started to make chocolate tart early last year. It wasn’t the most perfect tart – it can’t be given that it was my first try. And then ever since, I kept thinking of ways to improve the recipe. I still have an intention to revisit the chocolate tart recipe, to do it in another way that would make the filling tartier and more exciting. I just need a good reason and free time to do it.

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