Pretty Little Iced Clementines Made By The Hub

It’s almost September! Time for a dessert break!

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Chinese Fried Dough Sticks (油条)

Chinese fried dough sticks bring back memories of my childhood. My mum would always go to the market on Sunday mornings and bring back delicious breakfast for us. One of the things she liked to buy back then was fried dough sticks and soy bean milk. The interesting thing is that our family, coming from a Teochew background, has never developed that habit of dipping the dough sticks into the soy bean milk when we eat them, nor do we dip them into our coffee for that matter. We love to eat them just as they are, crispy and hot.

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Easy Semolina Yoghurt Cake

It is amazing how many different types of cakes there are in this world. I don’t think I have even exhasted half of the recipes out there in the whole wide world. That’s one of the joys of cooking and baking at home, we grab a recipe from the web, try it at home and get a taste of the other cultures and way of living right in the kitchen.

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Pretty Sweet Potato Buns in Purple

It’s baking time! How else to make baking interesting than to use an ingredient that I’ve never used before? This sweet potato bun was originally meant to be orange in colour, if one uses the normal orange ones. I’ve decided to try the recipe using the Japanese purple sweet potatoes instead and I am really glad I did! The purple colour of the buns was amazing – bright and colourful. It looked much more appetising and pretty than I thought it could be.

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Stuffed Squid & Dongfen Soup

This dish of stuffed squid pockets with minced pork mixture is a very simple dish to prepare. And it tastes lovely cooked with a simple pot of chicken stock soup and dongfen, with some rice to go with. I can also imagine cutting some bird’s eye chilli to dip the stuffed squid into, and to gobble down the squid in a mouthful with a few slices of chilli. Yummy…

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