Really Easy & Tasty Mushroom & Ginger Soup

This week was Children’s Day Week. Why a week? Because my boy seemed to be partying in school every day.

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Chinese Steamed Pork With Salted Fish & Baby Corns

This week, the hub and I took a very short break away from work. The break only lasted for two days and we didn’t manage to do a lot, but it was nice to be able to do things with him again, without the little one coming in at every comma to intercept our dialogues or throw himself onto the floor where we are. I really enjoyed this ‘us’ time, albeit it being such a short one. How I wish we could spend just one more day together!

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Non-Spicy Prawn Pilau (Prawn Pilau)

Prawn pilau originated from the Indian subcontinent and Iran. The recipe uses prawn stock and a mix of spices as well as seafood, meat or vegetables to create a rice dish. In essence, it is a very simple dish to prepare but which has a strong spiced fragrance to it. It is a common and staple food for many Iranians, Indians, Turks and Pakistanis among others within and around the subcontinent.

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My Family’s Favourite Durian (& Yam) Snowskin Mooncakes

It’s all gone. The durian snowskin mooncake that I took pains to knead and roll and mould. My goodness, how is it possible that everyone around me (with just one exception) loves durian so much?

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Crispy Gnocchi With Pesto & Mushrooms

So last week was a week of making ingredients from scratch. I had a batch of Italian gnocchis kneaded using potatoes and flour and eggs. This week is the week to put them to good use. I must say, they turned out a lot better than I thought they would. And they tasted really great.

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