Medieval Jowtes With Almond Milk

Jowtes Almond Milk

Jowtes Almond Milk 2

This soup gives a rich and dark green colour when it’s cooked. It would perhaps scare anyone away from it, given its unappetising colour and menacing outlook. Nevertheless, it is packed with Vitamin A and C and a great source of magnesium, zinc and fiber – a healthy meal all by itself which is tasty and which defies its look!

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Crispy Chicken On Broccoli & Cheese Rice

Crispy Chicken On Rice

Crispy Chicken On Rice 3

The little boy is developing a preference in taste at a rapid speed – one which I’m constantly challenging myself to catch up with. He could be very random though, sometimes preferring a cheese stick over a bun for breakfast and at other times preferring to have none at all. Recently, we started to buy buns and bread loaves for him to eat for breakfast and he loves it a lot. He would demand to have one first thing in the morning by pointing to the fridge and mumbling ‘mian bao’ (面包 – Chinese for ‘bread’). Just this morning, after finishing his cranberry bun and feeling happily satisfied about it, he looked over and saw my slice of raisin bread and demanded to have that as well. So his poor mum had to settle for less than half a slice of it, though secretly, she felt as if she was on cloud nine as all mums do.

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Puffed Up Party Corn Dogs

Corn Dog 2

Corn Dog 3

I used to love eating frankfurters raw, or rather, those that came fresh out of the fridge. It was a bad habit that I picked up from the good old school days, when renting a chalet was trendy and having barbecues for dinner was hip. I always couldn’t wait for the fire to start, which was why I resorted to eating the frankfurters as they were from the pack. This was supposed to be one of my dirty little secrets, but I guess it’s no longer the case now.

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Chinese Stir-Fried Tomatoes & Egg

Stir-fried Tomatoes & Egg 2

Stir-fried Tomatoes & Egg 3

It’s the first time I’m cooking this dish. My mum introduced it to me quite a long time ago and I remember it looked very strange to me. I’ve never grown up eating tomatoes with omelette, so it was awkward trying to think about how it would have tasted together. To me, tomatoes always must go with ketchup and maybe bean sprouts and bean pods; omelette should be eaten by itself or at the very most stir-fried with cucumbers. Tomatoes should never be stir-fried with omelette because omelettes are supposed to be enjoyed in their purest form, or with lighter tasting ingredients.

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Slow-Cooker Shark Melon & Chicken Soup

Shark Melon & Chicken Soup 2

Shark Melon & Chicken Soup

Just two steps to cook this soup. It’s so amazing – a real time-saver and a hassle-free chore!

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