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Blend It With Chicken Liver Paté

I simply love paté. I love it so much I could eat just paté alone for a meal.

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Making Basil Pesto Sauce The Nuttiest Way

I fell in love with the classic Italian pesto sauce seven years ago, very appropriately so in the classical Italian city of Rome, celebrating Christmas day amidst the cold season of winter. Both of us decided to get a bottle … Read more

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A Healthy Concoction Of Tropical Oat Blend Smoothie

I only recently realised that there’s a recipe imprinted on my can of Quaker Oats. This recipe is ‘specially created by Temasek Polytechnic’, perhaps a kind of assignment given to the hospitality students to test out their level of creativity. … Read more

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Very Nutty Walnut And Almond Dip

Having friends over again today. Thought I’ll make some dips for them since they would have had a heavy meal at a wedding lunch right before they come to my place.

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