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My Not So Nice Looking Hot Dog Bread Rolls

I love how this recipe makes use of all the different parts of the bread such that there isn’t wastage at all. Using the edges of the bread to blitz into breadcrumbs, and adding in some flavours then, help to … Read more

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Twice-Baked Gruyère & Potato Soufflé

The rain has finally stopped. This weekend is a sunny one, and I’m hoping that the sunshine will continue into Sunday and the rest of the year as well. Also, the boy’s fever is finally gone. I’m hoping to catch … Read more

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Very Soft & Fluffy Cheese & Onion Bread

I love home-baked bread so much! I can eat them for my meals any time of the day. Bread is breakfast, lunch and dinner for me. That’s how delicious they are to me.

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Lobster Thermidor To Celebrate Christmas

Digging lobster meat out of its shell isn’t an easy feat if you do not know the right way of doing it. Please watch a video before you attempt to do it at home yourself. You can watch this video … Read more

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Reuben Dip For Parties To Come

The Reuben dip originated from the Reuben sandwich, which is a deli sandwich with all the meat and cheese loaded between the sandwiches. For this recipe, you simply place what is originally placed between the sandwich inside a baking tray … Read more

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