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Christmas Is Here! *Pause* What Have I Done This Year?

Solar Eclipse: Courtesy from the guy Or Perhaps, a better question to ask myself would be: ‘What have I accomplished this year?’

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Three Cheese Walnut Linguine – An Almost Edible Christmas Wreath

Bought a lot of cheeses this week; went a little cheese-crazy. There are just so many of them on the shelves – and most of them are cheaper than what I can get back in Singapore! Yummy!

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Ich weiß endlich, warum das Weihnachtsfeier so früh ist. Die andere Kursteilnehmer müssen zurück zu ihren Heimatländer fahren, weil der 2-Wochen Intensivkurs schon geendet hat. Bevor diese Leute zurück gehen, habe ich glücklicherweise noch eine letzte Chance, einige Freundschaften mit … Read more

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Plätzchen Baken! Freshly-Baked Cookies To celebrate Christmas

This was something that I’ve learnt to bake in Dresden, Germany – a course that was held for $6 per student for those studying German at the Goethe-Institut. Another purpose of this course was to have students bake enough cookies … Read more

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Thank HIM for the Christmas Markets

I am no believer of any religion, not to mention Christianity or Judaism or Buddhism. But here in Dresden, I feel blessed, because the Christmas markets seem to have invaded the whole town, with merchants and locksmiths from all of … Read more

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