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Balik Pulau (Back To The Islands)

It was by chance that I was able to join in a tour to the southern islands of Singapore, organised in conjunction with the latest exhibition held at the National Museum of Singapore – ‘Balik Pulau: Stories from Singapore Islands’. … Read more

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In The Mood For Cheongsam: Modernity & Singapore Women

Haven’t had a chance to visit the local national museums in years. This exhibition was a good excuse for me to do so, especially since I’ve got a weakness for exhibitions on textiles and designs. Cheongsams, or 长衫 in Cantonese … Read more

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Mit Der ‘King Tutankchamun’ Ausstellung Der bekannteste König Ägyptens Kennenlernen

Schon seit lange hat der Medien über diesen sonderlichen König dargestellt und berichtet. Also wurde dieser König der bekannteste König Ägyptens sein, nicht weil er Ägypten zum Erfolg führte, sondern weil sein Gegner und Nachfolger seine ganze Geschichte sorgsam versteckte. … Read more

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A Moving Masterpiece Where The Song Dynasty Becomes A Piece Of Living Art

It was quite a clever way to create a pun out of the word ‘moving’. I was wondering how possible it was to squeeze enough emotions out of a piece of painting – regardless of how famous a piece it … Read more

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Secrets Beneath: Ancient Chinese Burial Practices And Beliefs

The launch went all well – my virgin exhibition is now up and running.

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