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Welcome To Taiwan – A Revolutionary Vacation With My Family

It’s been eons since I’ve made any trips overseas with my family. It’s not due to a particular distaste of travelling with my family that puts me off, but rather, the fact that it has to be a tour package … Read more

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Chloe, How Are You? I Miss You…

My neighbour has a hush puppy, called Ashley. She’s such a lovely dog, and I enjoy opening my door every morning to see her eager face poking out of the metal gate.

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I Would Never Forget My “Family” Photo

From left to right: Ohaiyo Gozaimasu!, Mein Fleisch gehört mir, Poot Poot, Pee Pee, Poooooooot, Baby Pig, Handphone Holder, Glow Lucky Pig, Ein Euro, Zwei Euro (aka Unglücksbringer) My Pig Family – without which my life would probably be empty … Read more

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