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A Very Pink Piggy Fondant Cake

It is not easy at all to make fondant cakes. I’ve seen a lot of pictures of fondant cakes online – they all look so beautiful, in fact too good to be eaten. Hence I thought of doing a simple … Read more

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Pink Piggy Fondant Cake For The Little Bub

Made a piggy fondant cake for the little bub’s first year birthday celebration last week. Am glad it turned out better than I thought, though the whole process was rather messy, given that I didn’t have the right tools to … Read more

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Oinky Mini Pigs In A Mini Blanket

I’ve been seeing this recipe for a while on Pinterest recently. The name of this pastry is enough to catch my attention – ‘Pigs in a blanket‘? Where’s the pig? Why would pigs need blankets unless they sleep in air-conditioned … Read more

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Kommt Jahr Zwanzig-Vierzehn Bald, Wirklich?

Kommt wieder das Ende des Jahres. An dieser Zeit habe ich immer volle Gedanken: Was habe ich in der ganzen vergangenen Zeit gemacht? Wie wird es die nächsten dreihundertfünfundsechzig Tage gehen? ‘Im Jahr Zwanzig-Dreizehn habe ich sehr viel gemacht. Im … Read more

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Gefüllte Glücksschweinchen (Lucky Piglet Pastries)

I miss Germany and the UK, especially during the festive season of Christmas: the falling of the flurry snowflakes; the icy (sometimes bitter) coldness with ever plunging temperatures; the piping hot soup and snacks along the streets littered with Christmas … Read more

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