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Mooncake Piglet Moulds In Many Disguises

Another culinary tool acquisition as a result of the frenzy purchases made in the preceding two weeks – mooncake piglet moulds in three different shapes and sizes!

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An Unusually Normal Day For My Third Decade On Earth

Above: Getting high over a childhood paper-and-pen shooting game. I won! A happy yet simple existence with no regrets – is all I ask of life. And maybe a food processor in the near future, if wishes could come true.

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I Would Never Forget My “Family” Photo

From left to right: Ohaiyo Gozaimasu!, Mein Fleisch gehört mir, Poot Poot, Pee Pee, Poooooooot, Baby Pig, Handphone Holder, Glow Lucky Pig, Ein Euro, Zwei Euro (aka Unglücksbringer) My Pig Family – without which my life would probably be empty … Read more

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