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Tofu & Seaweed Prawn Balls In A Brown Gravy

Christmas is coming soon, so I’m rounding up my recipes to prepare for the festive season. Thinking of what to blog about from next weekend onwards, as well as the presents I need to start buying for everyone. I’ll need … Read more

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A Surprisingly Good Plate Of Sweet & Sour Prawns!

This is a really lovely dish of sweet and sour prawns. I love how easy it is to cook the dish, something that can be easily accomplished within a short span of 15min after I reach home from a day … Read more

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Sugar Cane Chicken Skewers

It’s a sunny Sunday today. The weather finally turned sunnier and drier starting from this week. We could go out again and guess who’s the happiest? The boy, of course. Though I must confess, I’m happy to be able to … Read more

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Steamed Egg Tofu With Prawns & Salted Egg Yolk

It’s the fifteenth day of Chinese New Year! What better option than to serve up a dish that looks golden and bright and round (a.k.a. 金玉满堂)? A round ingot that brings prosperity to the year ahead, hopefully the remaining months … Read more

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Open Up A Bag Of Baked Seafood Pasta

The rainy season has started. It’s raining almost every night, every morning and every evening. The return to the office on a more regular basis sees a lot of jackets and shawls piling up on my chair. It’s time to … Read more

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