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A Pot Of Spanish Paella Full Of Mussels

Spanish paella is the national dish of Spain, originating from the Valencian community in the country and popular among the Spanish beyond this community. Paella is a really flexible dish that combines saffron-cooked rice with many different types of ingredients, … Read more

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Saffron – The Most Exotic & Expensive Spice In The World

Saffron strands are harvested from the saffron crocus flower, extracted from the distal ends of the carpel in each flower. These flowers originated from Greece and are later cultivated in other parts of Asia such as India. In the culinary … Read more

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Medieval Cabbage Chowder For The Goodman Of Paris

It’s a jolly time to feel like a king! To start off my saffron adventures proper, I’ve finally decided to use and adapt one of the simplest recipes found in ‘The Medieval Cookbook‘. The original excerpt in old English for … Read more

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