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Cheat Treat Instant Noodles With Canned Pork Leg

Seeing canned pork legs never fails to remind me of the day when I got married. My parents received many cans of Narcissus brand pork leg as betrothal gifts from my in-laws, together with gifts of money and such. At … Read more

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家常便饭 - 麻油鸡 (Sesame Oil Chicken)

For those of you who are familiar with Traditional Chinese Medicine and Chinese practices of recovery for a mother who has just given birth to her baby, eating sesame oil chicken with loads of ginger and rice wine helps to … Read more

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家常便饭 - 马来风光 (Sambal Kangkong)

It is very common to see patrons order this dish of spicy stir-fried kang kong/spinach at local zi char restaurants (‘zi char’ = stir-fry; meaning restaurants with a huge kitchen to whip up home-style dishes). Usually, you would be able … Read more

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Sweet & Spicy Sriracha Linguine

It was time to clean out my kitchen cupboards. I had this small bottle of sriracha sauce that remained last year from my attempt to cook a few different Thai dishes such as Pad Thai and Sriracha Honey Chicken. I … Read more

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Korean Jap Chae (잡채)

Jap chae (잡채), meaning ‘mixed vegetables’, is a really popular dish that is often seen in Korean dramas, where Korean actors and actresses either slurp up the noodles with their long metal chopsticks or put a handful of vegetables directly … Read more

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