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家常便饭 – 炒年糕 (Shanghai Rice Cake Stir-Fry)

It’s the week before Chinese New Year! Can’t wait for the long break to come. This year is great because CNY eve is on a work weekday, so there’s an additional half a day off as well. I say, we … Read more

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家常便饭 – 蘑菇猪肉盘 (Pork & Mushroom Stir-Fry)

This is my first recipe for the year 2024! A simple home-cooked dish with two main ingredients. I am publishing this rather eagerly because I am hoping to be able to cook it again soon.

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A Surprisingly Good Plate Of Sweet & Sour Prawns!

This is a really lovely dish of sweet and sour prawns. I love how easy it is to cook the dish, something that can be easily accomplished within a short span of 15min after I reach home from a day … Read more

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Fried Hokkien Mee

This is a very simplified version of Hokkien mee, using only one type of noodles (yellow noodles) and just a few ingredients. It is more similar to the Eurasian Birthday Mee than it is to my favourite Sotong Mee or … Read more

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Oriental Beef Instant Noodles

To all my dear readers, my Hungry Peepor database recently underwent an update and suffered a huge loss of data. Should you see any blog posts that are truncated and incomplete, it’s all thanks to this suddenly imposed updating by … Read more

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