Teaching English To Speakers Of Other Languages (TESOL)

It’s a mouthful to have for a name of a simple diploma certification, but having taken almost 5 months to complete this diploma, I feel a bloated sense of accomplishment.


Have I gained much from this diploma? Indeed.

I’ve learnt how to better manage my time, given the fact that this was the first time I took up evening lessons. With so much time committed to the 3-hourly sessions thrice a week, and 4 sessions of 3-hour long papers, plus 3 practicums in all (2 of which are mock ones), plus all the time spent reading that huge blue bible of pedagogy (it was great reading it – I’ve learnt a lot in terms of pedagogy!), I finally did it! 😛

My thanks go out to my mock ‘students’:

  1. Rok (Korea)
  2. Yuki (Japan?)
  3. Soojung (Korea)
  4. Aris (Thailand/Vietnam?)
  5. Sunny (Vietnam?)

They certainly were the friendliest group of students that I’ve encountered in my entire teaching career.

And also to the lecturers:

  1. Dr. Alan Richardson
  2. Peter
  3. Alex

Interesting teachers with a whole barrel of experiences and weight (no pun intended).

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