Simple & Plain Yaki Onigiri

‘Yaki’ means grilled, while onigiri means ‘rice ball’. I love this very simple recipe of yaki onigiri. It is clean, dense, filling and lovely as a meal. The crisp and browned sides of the onigiri makes them look very tempting and inviting to eat even though it’s just rice and nothing else. If desired, you can also plump it up and press the rice together with some savoury ingredients such as tuna, salmon, corn, cheese slices, sesame seeds, roasted seaweeds etc.  They can be smoked or canned or boiled. Very flexible, accommodating and easy to make.

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Rice Noodles In Hoisin Peanut Sauce

For all of the noodle lovers out there, this bowl of rice noodles coated in thick hoisin peanut sauce is a lovely way to get your daily dose in a different way. It’s sweeter because of the hoisin sauce, but this sauce goes especially well with the rice noodles. For slightly more kick in your noodles, you can also add some chilli paste, 老干妈 or fresh red chilli slices in your noodles to give it that additional layer of texture and spice.

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Seri Kuih Muka (Nyonya Glutinous Rice Kueh with Pandan Custard)

I did it! I finally made a decent seri kuih muka all by myself. It is such a sweet little triumph. I need to give myself a little pat on my back.

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Home Baked Pandan Yoghurt Cake

This recipe is an easy bake. Nothing can go wrong if you follow the steps and proportions accordingly. It is a great way to bake some snacks for your children to bring to school or to bring along during their school outings.
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Poached Salmon In Coconut Sauce

The weather this week is hot – burning hot. But I love it because I could plan ahead for activities over the long weekend without worrying about the rain.

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