Spicy Sambal Roti John

Roti John is a popular dish found within Southeast Asia, a dish that apparently originated from Singapore. ‘Roti’ means bread, and ‘John’ seems to be a name given by the British colonialists to the native vendors back then. Baguettes are used as the key ingredient to make this bread dish, sliced into half loaves, dipped in an egg mixture and then cooked with onion and meat, either beef or chicken as it is served mainly by Muslim vendors. It can serve as a side dish, or as a filling meal in itself.

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Coconut & Berries Panna Cotta Bars

It’s a really lovely June and July summer. The weather has never been so chilly and cool and windy at this time of the year in Singapore. I’m enjoying this windy summer working from home which I think is making the entire WFH a lot easier and addictive. This is definitely much better than working in an air-conditioned office with the air drafts blowing directly from above my head, though I still can’t get used to all the faceless and distant Skype and Zoom calls with my colleagues.

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Ham & Cheese Bread Rolls

Is this the third time already that I’ve attempted a ham and cheese bread roll? I think it must be, though I can’t remember when the last attempt was exactly. I seem to be addicted to all the various versions of this recipe. I know I would repeat this later on in this blog, but this has got to be the best one so far.

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Chocolate Kisses

Simple recipes for when I would like to do some baking but do not want to do too much work in the kitchen. This simple recipe allows me to make enough of a batch and keep it for my workday afternoons and lazy weekends – perfect for curbing my snack itch and drowsiness and definitely great with a nice cuppa coffee!

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My Not So Jiggly Raindrop Cake

The raindrop cake, originating from Japan, is actually a very recent creation and hype, during our time you would say. It is basically a simple jelly that’s made from water and agar agar powder. This creation is supposed to mimic raindrop, such that it is transparent, like a raindrop, and is able to hold its shape so that it in turn becomes edible – a true imagination that came to life indeed.

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