Setting Off For Another (Better) Year Ahead

A new year and a new beginning. That’s how I like to start off a year trying to convince myself that everything will be better, telling myself to make sure that I get my acts together so as to persevere with all my new year resolutions.

And certainly the new year has to be better because 2019 ended very badly. Everything that could go wrong went wrong. I was desperately hoping to have 2019 come to an end quickly so that everything could start at square one again and I could have the chance to right all the wrongs.

The one thing that I managed to do though, before 2019 came to an end, was to have this Japanese miniature house completed. This was something that we brought back with us from Taipei earlier in November when we went there for our holiday. We contemplated for a long time at the shop before deciding to buy it and to give it a try. All in all, it took quite a few weeks to complete this model because the materials were very exquisite and miniature; you are required to do every single thing from scratch, from the roof fixtures to the udon in the bowl, from the Japanese leek to the sake bottle. It’s a very fascinating process trying to complete the entire house model seeing how the different pieces came together one by one. The level of satisfaction upon its completion was humongous.

After we came back from Taiwan, the guy went ahead to purchase a second miniature set which featured a pig farm with cute little pigs looking all happy and contented. It says ‘Pig Family Lunch Time’ and looks really piggy and pink with a nice fence sitting around, seemingly protecting the pigs from any possible harm there could be out there. This pig farm now sits in front of the udon miniature house and completes the whole picture depicting a happy and contented family. Love it.

Happy and contented – this is what I aim to be in 2020 as well. But there are many things I will need to remind myself before I can achieve that goal. Firstly, I will need to convince myself not to bring work home and to ditch everything in the office on Friday evenings so that I can focus on having more quality time with my family during the weekends and holidays. Secondly, I will need to spend less time obssessing about my blog and let go of the weekly updates once  in a while. By doing so, I could potentially free up a lot of time online and spend more time being with my hub and boy, both physically and mentally. Third, is to take better care of my health so that I can in turn feel a better sense of being and be there for my family when they need me to.

To be dead honest, these are really simple things and nothing so complicated at all, so I would like to make sure that I achieve these goals and settle for no less. Perhaps all I need to do is to cut myself some slack and remind myself frequently that I am just a human being who needs to live for myself and for the people around whom I love. Am already feeling blessed to have a supportive family who’s always ready to step in and help whenever I need to so I do also need to make sure that I don’t take too many things for granted.

As it is, the year is already getting busier, and as I type, I am waiting to check in at the gate to board the flight for my first work trip of the year. Let’s hope that things continue to remain sane at work so that I can pick up on all these things that I’ve neglected in the last year and recover my faith, my health and my happiness.

To a better 2020 ahead.

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