Artefact Studies – It’s A Love-Hate Relationship

Holidays are coming to an end. The busy days ahead seem rather daunting, what with the dissertation and 3 more long essays to go. But I’m glad I survived the first part of it, including 2 proposals, 4 seminars, 3 essays and 1 report, the last of which summarises my proudest achievement.

The sketch at the bottom is an attempt to bring out the details of the first picture. This is an assignment that all of us had to complete – be assigned an artefact, take studio shots of it with a professional photographer, use Photoshop to ‘manipulate’ the photos, sketch it (as professionally as possible), do research on it and thereafter produce a 3000-words essay. 3000! I couldn’t sleep for a week while I was trying to piece together all the disjointed pieces of information. As I was telling the man, Krishna (as is depicted by this figurine) is supposed to be a god that symbolises happiness and bliss, yet it’s giving me the worst headache one could ever imagine.

Ironically, that’s the pride of 2010 for me so far, because I’ve never ever done such sketches before, using the dotting method. Not that I can draw well to start with. This piece of work took me a whole day to accomplish. Even if someone else were to tell me it resembles nothing like Krishna, I’m still going to delude myself into believing that’s the best anyone can do.

I was delighted to find out that we get to do such things for this specific module ‘Artefact Studies’. Where else can I get to handle an unknown artefact, do some sketching (I love art and crafts!) and start from base zero to slowly reveal the mystery of something that is a few hundred years older than me? Admittedly, it was tough work; the challenge was mentally exhausting, and the conclusion remains unknown. But the sense of achievement is indescribable. I really wish that somewhere out there, a job of the same nature is patiently awaiting my arrival.

In any case, I’m not sure how well (or badly) I’m going to fare for this assignment, given that it’s the first time I’m writing a report. Nevertheless, I’ve tried my best, and I hope that even if the report makes as midget a sense as is the artefact size, I’ll still be given some credit for the sketch.

And if, by chance, anyone wants to enlighten me with more details about this figurine, or offer any job of the above described nature to me, don’t hesitate to contact me. SOS is beeping on high alarm.

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