Man is the creature of circumstances

“And who makes the circumstances but man himself?

The world is not inevitably good or bad but to the extent that we make it so.”

~ John Stuart Mill, philosopher ~

In solving this chicken and egg question, man can no longer shift the blame onto others when something goes wrong. But it brings out two plausible polemic viewpoints, as follows:

Positive: As long as mankind permits and is willing to, the world can indeed become a better place.

Negative: But what about those who are born bad? The assumption here of course, is that man isn’t born with a blank slate, because he has genes inherited from his predecessors; even if a baby has the luck to start life with a blank slate, a safe and optimistic nurturing process cannot be guaranteed.

So is the world in a good or bad state now? Because knowing the answer to this question allows us to know whether there are more good or bad guys around us.

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