Welcome To Taiwan – A Revolutionary Vacation With My Family

Family in Taiwan

It’s been eons since I’ve made any trips overseas with my family. It’s not due to a particular distaste of travelling with my family that puts me off, but rather, the fact that it has to be a tour package when it involves travelling with the not-so-aged and the not-too-young. Plus the hard selling at the ridiculously expensive and tale-telling shops – Lingzi, Abalone, Royal Jelly, Ginseng, Pearls….. *Buack*

But then again, if it involves a big group of people, let’s leave the hassle to an agent to settle the logistical nightmares.

So this time round, my brother and I decided to give it a try… because we believe our parents were actually yearning for a chance, after such a long time, to jet off on a plane to somewhere further than Malaysia – to Taiwan. I’m back home now, and I must say, it was worth the effort. Family bonding time, that’s what people would call it.

It wasn’t always easy, because I’ve not stayed with my parents for a while now,  5 years to be exact, and staying with them in the same room – a triple bedroom – required tremendous courage. I’ve never ‘slept’ with my dad in the same room at home. This time, I experienced full-blown snoring. It wasn’t his fault, of course, because when he snores, it means he’s not sleeping well too. But the sad result was a sleepless soul (maybe two, if my mum encountered the same problem) for almost a whole week. 😯 But then again, daddy, I’ve never blamed you for putting me through these sleepless nights.

That aside, I enjoyed the fact that things were planned for us, without us raising a finger to worry about any part of the trip at all. I enjoyed the fact that I could sleep safe and sound in the van throughout the traversing miles across mountains and rivers. More significantly, I liked that I was able to bond with my brother. I finally felt that he cared for me, and that we could be on the same wavelength after all. And it touched me, because as his sister for almost 3 decades, I’ve never really been able to bond with him – it’s like a wrong piece of puzzle that could never fit into an empty slot even if it’s got the correct sides protruding. This was what made the trip particularly memorable. 🙂

But that’s still not what makes for a revolutionary vacation. The shock that came to poke at me was the realisation that I envied my brother and sister-in-law for having two such cute little devils. I kept thinking to myself about how, if I knew that my kids were to be such cute devils as well, I wouldn’t have hesitated for such a long time… so perhaps a child or two in the near future for my partner and I is a possibility after all? Was ist passiert? *slap* *pinch*

Of course, that would still remain food for thought for now, at least till the end of next year. Until then, the idea of having another tour package will  be stacked at the back of our minds. Maybe we can try to go somewhere without a tour guide for once in the near future, to encourage the unknown spirit of adventure that lies hidden within my parents to be rediscovered. But never again to Taiwan, so goodbye Taiwan 101.

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