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I used to love eating frankfurters raw, or rather, those that came fresh out of the fridge. It was a bad habit that I picked up from the good old school days, when renting a chalet was trendy and having barbecues for dinner was hip. I always couldn’t wait for the fire to start, which was why I resorted to eating the frankfurters as they were from the pack. This was supposed to be one of my dirty little secrets, but I guess it’s no longer the case now.

And then came the waffle hot dogs. These became THE food that I thrived on whenever there were food bazaars at our university forum. I love the waffle smell that used to fill the air whenever a bazaar was going on; having just one stick of it was  enough to serve me my lunch too.  How I miss it so much…

I can’t find waffle hot dogs in many places nowadays, especially given that there aren’t many pasar malams (food bazaars) left in Singapore. Nevertheless, there remains many corn dogs on sale at the street side food carts in some places such as at the Universal Studio of Singapore. I am always tempted to buy one for myself, but haven’t had the chance to do so yet. Being much deprived of corn dogs and the like, I have finally decided to put my feet down this weekend and to make a whole batch of corn dogs for myself – enough to last me through the entire week!


  • Oil: 1 bottle
  • Egg: 2
  • Milk: 3/4 cup
  • Plain flour: 1 cup
  • Ground cornmeal: 3/4 cup
  • Salt: 1/2 tsp
  • Sugar: 2 tbsp
  • White pepper: 1/2 tsp
  • Baking powder: 1/5 tsp
  • Baking soda: 1/2 tsp
  • Hot dog: 12, with satay sticks inserted into each of them
  • Corn starch: 1/3 cup


  1. Heat oil in a pot deep enough to deep-fry the the entire length of the hot dogs.
  2. Whisk together eggs and milk.
  3. Separately combine flour, cornmeal, salt, sugar, white pepper, baking powder and baking soda.
  4. Mix egg mixture into dry ingredients. Transfer into a tall glass.
  5. Coat hot dogs evenly with corn starch, followed by batter.
  6. Deep-fry in oil till golden brown.

Corn Dog


  • Do not set the temperature of the oil too high. Overly high temperature will render the batter to turn brown too quickly, before the inside of the batter and the hot dogs are cooked.
  • If you have any batter that remains, just drop spoonfuls of the batter into the hot oil to create chunks of deep-fried batter. Works well as a snack too!
  • You can cut the hot dog up into thirds or quarters for bite-sized servings for the kiddos as well.


12 sticks of corn dog

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