Sausage Roll Puff Magic

Even chefs use puff pastries. I really don’t see why there’s ever a need to make the pastry dough from scratch. Puff pastries are probably one of the best frozen foods invented since the 20th century.


  • Butter: 1 tbsp
  • White onion: 1, chopped
  • Leek: 1 stalk: chopped
  • Sausages (any flavour): 3 (about 225g), outer skin removed
  • Salt: to taste
  • Ground black pepper: to taste
  • Thymes: to taste
  • Frozen puff pastry: 340g, left to defrost overnight
  • Mint leaves: 4 – 5 leaves, chopped
  • Cheddar cheese: for grating
  • Egg: 1, beaten
  • Mixed herbs: for garnishing


  1. Heat up butter in frying pan. Add onions and fry for 1 min.
  2. Add leeks and fry till both leeks and onions are soft. Remove from heat.
  3. Add sausages, salt, pepper and thymes into onions and leeks. Mix well and divide into 2 portions.
  4. Sprinkle flour onto a chopping board. Roll out puff pastry to the size of a rectangular baking tray.
  5. Slice pastry into 2 long strips along the length.
  6. Spread 1 portion of sausage mixture horizontally along the edge of each strip. The amount of spread should resemble that of the size of a sausage.
  7. Sprinkle mint leaves onto sausage meat. Grate cheese on top of it.
  8. Brush the edge of the other end of the pastry with egg. Roll up pastry with sausage mix to meet the other end.
  9. Use a fork to press down at the end of the rolls to form a pattern.
  10. Glaze the top of the rolls with egg. Then sprinkle some mixed herbs on top of egg glazing.
  11. Use a knife to slice the rolls to the desired size. Slice top of each roll with knife again to create another pattern.
  12. Place all the rolls onto greased baking tray and bake at 180 degrees for 20 min.


  • Grease the tray with as much oil as you can because the puff pastry sticks to it like mad during the baking.
  • To make the rolls look much better than they taste, try to add something (sesame seeds, herbs) or create patterns (slice with knife, prick with fork) on top.
  • Use flavoured sausages (e.g. chipolata) so that there’s no need to do any more flavouring yourself.
  • I tried a 2nd batch, this time with apple crumble sauce and just the sausage meat. It tastes great too!

Makes about 12 mini rolls or 4 – 6 normal rolls

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