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Daylight HDR On A Hazeless Blue Day

Bluish calmness of the lake beneath a clear sky Lush greenery mirrored by the reflections in the lake I recently went prancing around with my camera (and the guy) again. I decided I had to take advantage of the return … Read more

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Food Blogging For Dummies By Kelly Senyei

I’m really glad that I found this book in the library last month. I’m even happier that I borrowed it (I’ve always refused to borrow any books from the Dummy series due to its explicitly derogatory implications). After reading through … Read more

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Empowered By The High Dynamic Range Technique

It was a night of shooting with the stars. We went out for dinner and then walked all around the riverfront to indulge in our new-found interest – taking photos with different exposure settings and then applying the HDR technique … Read more

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Whampoa Dragon Fountain

追寻 (老公)童年的回忆。。。 已经催了他很久,硬要他陪我去黄浦一带 (大牌 85)- 去探望还逗留在那喷水池里的一具猛龙。昨天终于抽出了宝贵的时间,花了仅仅半个小时的时间,却追回了数十年前的美好回忆, 真让人回味无穷。也因此想借此机会,在巨龙消失之前,赶快把这些回忆拍下来。

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The Photographer’s Eye (By Michael Freeman)

This book was a souvenir from a photography course that I took up several years ago, while I was still a teacher. I cannot remember much of the course – aperture size, white balance etc – but I do remember … Read more

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