Can You Find The Bad Candy?

Bad Candy 1 Picture courtesy of Bad Candy Facebook Page

Candy Bubble Land. Candy Planet. Candy Dash. Bad Candy. Wait a minute – Bad Candy? Where is the bad candy?

‘Bad Candy’ is the latest game in town, developed by Landshark Games Pte Ltd and which is recently published as a Facebook and mobile game (currently available on the iOS platform). As the title suggests, the theme of the game revolves around identifying the bad candies from the good ones so as to ‘protect’ the latter. Interestingly, the game obtained its inspiration from the Wall Street episode back in 2011 to mirror the social structure of the evil- among the good-doers. You can find out more about the creator’s inspiration from the Developer’s Diary.

In general, the game-play of ‘Bad Candy’ is rather distinct and differs from the common stream of match 3 puzzle games out in the mobile games market, which in turn makes the game stand out exclusively from its more established peers such as Bejeweled or Candy Crush. Players are required to be strategic and gather sufficient visual clues provided by the cleverly animated eyes of the good candies before they can pin down the bad guys and banish them. It works a bit like Cluedo, where one is required to go through a whole list of suspects, decide who to throw the dart at and not know until much later if it was the right guy after all. It really does parallel reality whereby everyone is a suspect until the final verdict is out.

Bad Candy 2 Picture courtesy of Bad Candy Facebook Page

I love the way the candies look at each other with their pairs of accusing, yet seemingly innocent, eyes. Among these candies, you would also come across those who are simply too lazy to bother (sleeping) and others who are of no help at all (cross-eyed). In these cases, you could still seek help from whatever tools (e.g. alarm clock) are available in the game or purchase these tools online if you run out of them.

Try it now (it’s free!) on Facebook to start banishing the bad candies or simply download the game from the iTunes App Store onto your mobile devices to give it a go. You could also visit their Facebook Page to find out more about the game itself.


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