Crispy Japanese Chicken Kaarage


Chicken karaage is the Japanese method of deep-frying chicken. This method sees the chicken chunks marinated in the basic Japanese condiments (mirin, Japanese sake etc) before being dredged in potato starch for the deep-frying.

There are a few advantages of deep-frying chicken in this manner: (1) the chicken meat is cut into equal sizes so that they can all get cooked evenly and at the same rate; (2) deep-frying using potato starch instead of the usual coat of flour and egg allows the meat to remain crisp and crunchy for a longer time at room temperature.

To be honest, I didn’t really get the right crisp that I get from eating the chicken karaage at the local Japanese restaurants, but I must say, Japanese condiments do wonders to food alright. The taste of the mirin and the sweetness of the chicken was apparent in my attempt of karaage; it makes the meat even sweeter and more flavourful, in a really unique way that you don’t get in other fried chicken recipe.

You must try it yourself to believe me!


  • Chicken thigh: 1kg, boneless, with skin, cut into chunks, dried on paper tower
  • Ginger: 100g, grated and juiced
  • Japanese soy sauce (Shoyu): 3 tbsp
  • Japanese sake: 3 tbsp
  • Mirin: 2 tbsp
  • Potato starch: 300g
  • Peanut oil: for deep-frying
  • Cabbage: few slices, shredded
  • Lemon: 1, sliced into wedges


  1. Mix chicken with ginger juice, shoyu, sake and mirin. Marinate overnight in fridge.
  2. Drain away marinade. Dredge chicken chunks with potato starch. Dredge again to cover more evenly.
  3. Heat oil in wok. Slip marinated chickens into wok. Deep-fry 3 – 5 min turning continuously.
  4. Set chicken pieces onto paper towel to absorb oil.
  5. Place cabbage shreds and lemon wedges onto a plate. Place chicken on top of cabbage shreds to serve.

About 30 pieces

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