My Crispy Chinese Pan-Fried Dumpling (锅贴)

Guo Tie 4

Guo Tie 2

I did it well this time. The last time I tried making pan-fried dumpling, otherwise known as ‘guo tie’ (or 锅贴 in Mandarin) (The Guo Tie: Chinese Pan-Fried Dumpling Experiment) was more than 2 years ago. It wasn’t inedible, but the skin was a tad too thick and chewy and the filling a bit dry and I was quite disappointed with the overall result and taste.

This time round, I decided to stick to the most basic method of making the dough wrapper with just plain flour, salt and water; for the meat filling, I went back to using similar ingredients as my Shui Jian Bao recipe too, with minced pork and chives as the key ingredients. The result was great – the skin was thin and soft and the filling was juicy and sweet. Yummy! 😆


  • Minced pork: 450g
  • Salt: 1.5 tsp
  • Sugar: 1 tsp
  • Ground white pepper: 1 tsp
  • Rice wine: 2 tbsp
  • Sesame oil: 2 tbsp
  • Water: 2 tbsp
  • Corn starch: 1 tbsp
  • Ginger: 1 thumb length, chopped finely
  • Garlic chives: 1 handful, chopped to fill up 1 cup
  • Salt: 1 tsp
  • Lukewarm water: 2/3 cup or less
  • Plain flour: 2 cups
  • Oil: 2 tbsp
  • Water mixture: 1/4 cup water + 1 tsp plain flour + 1 tsp white vinegar


  1. Marinate pork with salt, sugar, pepper, rice wine, sesame oil and water.
  2. Coat with corn starch.
  3. Mix in ginger and chives. Leave to marinate in fridge for 1 hr.
  4. Add salt and water to flour. Mix to form a dough, then knead for 10 min till smooth.
  5. Leave covered with a wet towel for 20 min. Then knead for another 5 min.
  6. Cut into half and roll each half into a cylindrical roll. Leave 1 roll covered in wet towel.
  7. Slice the other roll into 12 pieces. Press each piece flat using palm.
  8. Roll out flat and cut into round shaped wrappers using a large round cutter.
  9. Remove pork filling from fridge. Place 1 tbsp filling onto each wrapper.
  10. Fold up wrapper to form a semi-circle. Pinch the center tightly. Fold in right side of wrapper 3 times and pinch tight. Repeat the same on the left side.
  11. Repeat for the rest of the wrappers and filling.
  12. Add oil to pan. Place dumplings folded sides up onto pan.
  13. Pour water mixture into pan.
  14. Place lid on pan. Leave to steam on medium heat for about 8 min.
  15. Serve hot with black vinegar and ginger slices.

Guo Tie 3

Guo Tie


  • Just like what I did with the Shui Jian Bao, I added a bit of plain flour into the water mixture for steam-frying the dumplings. It makes the pan-fried parts of the dumplings really crispy and delightful to bite into, especially when they are piping hot.
  • If you are too lazy to pan-fry, you can easily cook these dumplings in boiling water too. Just leave to boil for a few minutes till they float up onto the surface and they are done.

About 22 – 25 dumplings

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