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Mooncake Piglet Cookies With Fanciful Piglet Moulds

Last year, I made mooncake piglets in its full form and shape as gifts for my family and friends. This year, I’m trying something that’s similar yet a little bit different – mooncake piglet cookies. These are flatter in shape … Read more

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Mooncake Piglet Moulds In Many Disguises

Another culinary tool acquisition as a result of the frenzy purchases made in the preceding two weeks – mooncake piglet moulds in three different shapes and sizes!

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Ladurée Macarons Buzzing In Town

I made a spontaneous decision today to visit the all-hyped up store in town – the Ladurée boutique that just opened shop at Takashimaya in Singapore. These macarons are probably the most expensive I’ve ever tasted in my life, and … Read more

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Mooncake Piglets As Mascots Of The Mid-Autumn Festival

This is my first attempt making mooncake piglets, after a break of about 2 years. The last time I made snowskin mooncakes was in 2010, before I left for my studies. I have originally intended to bake just simple piglet … Read more

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Bramley Apple and Pork Parcel To Seal Up Bundles Of Sweet Surprises

Bramley apple is a type of sour apple that is usually used in cooking, due to its light weight and fluffiness, rather than eaten raw. I cannot agree more with this description given in Wikipedia – it tastes horribly sour … Read more

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