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Lo Mai Fun (Glutinous Rice) – An Amazing Cantonese Dish

Dim Sums are never easy to make. Healthy dim sums are even harder to create, if they ever exist. Seriously… why bother?

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Orange Sponge Cake – Arise, Let It Rise!

This is definitely a cake that screams ‘HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!‘

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Teaching English To Speakers Of Other Languages (TESOL)

It’s a mouthful to have for a name of a simple diploma certification, but having taken almost 5 months to complete this diploma, I feel a bloated sense of accomplishment. Yay!!!!!!!!!

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Pre-New Year Vibes, But A Resolution-Free, Non-binding New Year Is The Way To Go

‘A Little History of The World’ by Ernst H. Gombrich Resolutions are only desperate attempts to revive our dreams, and to remind ourselves of our past failures.

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Alle Müssen Unbedingt Am Ende Kommen – Zur Erinnerung an meinen Sprachkurs

Deshalb möchte ich die letzten hier Fotos uploaden, sodass ich immer die süßen Erinnerungen an meinen Sprachkurs habe.

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