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Mein Traum Lebt Am Moment. Bitte Bleibt Dieser Moment Für Immer.

Ich war an einem Tag entlang der Straße gegangen und plötzlich hatte ich ein Gedanke: Ich bleibe am Moment, wie ich im Traum leben würde. Ich sagte mich dann, dass ich dieses Jahr alles voll genießen muss, denn es gibt … Read more

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Fried Rice with Omelette Tastes So Good!

I’ve always been lazy about making an omelette first before frying the rice. I’m even lazier when it comes to cooking the rice first and leaving it overnight. But having finally tried that, I must say, it’s really worth the … Read more

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Rice Pudding with Mixed Fruits In Three Simple Steps

We finally decided to give it a try – rice pudding. It seems like a favourite among the Westerners here, and in any case, curiosity finally got the better of us, so, here goes!

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Learning The Ancient Language – Hieroglyphs

How To Read Egyptian Hieroglyphs: A Step-By-Step Guide To Teach Yourself (Mark Collier & Bill Manley) This is probably the world’s most difficult language. I’m into my 5th week of hieroglyphs lesson. My hieroglyphs lecturer, who’s a PhD student doing … Read more

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The Conspirator’s Demise Makes For A Triumphant Jamboree During Guy Fawkes Day

Picture from – A Brief History of Guy Fawkes It was an especially intriguing celebration of fireworks at the Aykley Heads Police Headquarters in County Durham. The walk from my hostel to the site was about 15 minutes, and … Read more

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