Bin ich! Endlich in Deutschland!

Holiday Inn Dresden

Der erste Tag war ziemlich gut, außer ich mich ein bisschen allein fühle.

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Baked Rice with Pesto Sauce (& Spinach & Cheese & Basil & Herbs & Hot Dogs)

I finally know why baked dishes have such extensive names in recipe books. It is simply impossible to decide which ingredient is king.

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Nightmare Before the Holidays

I had contact time yesterday. We were discussing administrative matters regarding the Parent-Teacher Meeting session, and how we should schedule the time slots according to the needs of the students and the parents.

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Steamed Minced Meat & Tofu with Salted Egg

This dish can be created for Halloween parties, with the help of some imagination.

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My Favourite 3-Minute Meal – Bak Chor Mee (Minced Pork Noodles Dry)

This is a simple dish that everyone can make, given that one has the right chili, of course. It is what I grew up eating and loving to eat. So if the Straits Times were to interview me for ‘Foodie Confidential’ of the Sunday Lifestyle section and ask me what I would eat before I die, 2 bowls of this is enough to send me to heaven.

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