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Stir-Fried Leek with Tau Kwa

I finally know! That the leaves of a stalk of leek can’t be eaten. It sounds silly, but I’ve never bothered about leeks until now. I believe curiosity got the better of me, and lucky for me, there are so … Read more

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I Would Never Forget My “Family” Photo

From left to right: Ohaiyo Gozaimasu!, Mein Fleisch gehört mir, Poot Poot, Pee Pee, Poooooooot, Baby Pig, Handphone Holder, Glow Lucky Pig, Ein Euro, Zwei Euro (aka Unglücksbringer) My Pig Family – without which my life would probably be empty … Read more

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The Way Overdue Fried Nian Gao

It was a dish meant for the celebration of the Chinese New Year, but due to work commitments, I never had a chance to get down to preparing it until now. This is a traditional Chinese ‘sandwich’ of sorts, with … Read more

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A Simple Teochew Dish Of Braised Pork and Tau Kwa

This is one of my favourite dishes which I love eating when I go back home to my parents’. It’s also one of those typical dishes that Teochews love to eat with rice porridge, due to its thick black sauce. … Read more

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The Worldly Philosophers: The Lives, Times, & Ideas Of The Great Economic Thinkers

by Robert L. Heilbroner This book isn’t too difficult to read as I’ve thought it would be. The title was initially intimidating as I got it off some lecture slides at Universität Hamburg. Yes… I did – it was a … Read more

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