Cheat Treat Of Cheesy Baked Instant Noodles

Baked Noodles with Cheese & Ham 3

Baked Noodles with Cheese & Ham 2

Instant noodles taste nice cooked in whichever method is accessible and with whatever ingredients are available. In fact, instant noodles are probably the best ingredient to have at home because one can blindly add in whatever leftovers from the fridge and still churn out a yummy plate of noodles that will not go wrong on an empty stomach.

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Singapore’s Marina Bay Sands And Its 6 Celebrity Chefs

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In an attempt to draw in more customers to its gaming areas, Marina Bay Sands have lined up a tasty array of restaurants spearheaded by celebrity chefs. These magicians in the kitchen have opened their first restaurants in Singapore’s premier casino, elevating the country’s dining scene to a much higher level.

Culinary behemoths Wolfgang Puck, Mario Batali, and Tetsuya Wakuda are just three of the chefs who have launched their highly-regarded restaurants in Marina Bay Sands.

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Bangers & Mash Straight Out Of The Pan

Bangers & Mash 2

Bangers & Mash

A recent conversation with my Irish colleague had me wondering about the origin of this dish. I’ve seen many websites state that this dish originated from Ireland and has its roots stemmed in the Irish grounds. But this colleague of mine told me straight in the face that Bangers and Mash is a dish that is more common among the English than the Irish. Indeed, I have also observed a similar preference for Bangers and Mash when I was studying in the UK, particularly in pubs. It is almost a regular favourite amongst the student population compared to the other types of pub food offered.

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家常便饭 - 麻油鸡 (Sesame Oil Chicken)

Sesame Oil Chicken 3

Sesame Oil Chicken

For those of you who are familiar with Traditional Chinese Medicine and Chinese practices of recovery for a mother who has just given birth to her baby, eating sesame oil chicken with loads of ginger and rice wine helps to replenish the worn out body with the necessary nutrients after birth; at the same time, it ensures that excess wind gets expelled from the body so that it does not stay within to cause bloatedness.

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My Very Own Version Of Breakfast Bacon & Egg Muffins

Breakfast Egg & Bacon Cupcake 2

Breakfast Egg & Bacon Cupcake

I’m getting way too outdated already. This was a recipe that I have wanted to try out since the beginning of last year. Look at how long it took me to finally do it. About a year.

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